Rosy Peonies Tutorial
Rosy Peonies Tutorial

Rosy Peonies Tutorial

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Rosy Peonies

This is a downloadable acrylic painting tutorial of bright, rose colored peonies in a rustic turquoise vase. It is a step-by-step lesson demonstrating color mixtures and brush techniques to create your own peony bouquet painting. 

Note: The process of painting rich and varying colors requires lots of layers and therefore, this video is a bit long.  (1.6 hours) I recommend that you watch the video first and then have fun mixing and layering colors without feeling the pressure of copying exactly.   

*****Transparent acrylic paints are necessary to create certain textures and forms in this tutorial. If paint choices are limited in your region, you can create your own transparent colors by mixing a glazing medium into your regular acrylic paint. 

To help you with your painting process, a PDF file is also included with a supply list, printable tracer (12x12 inch) and photo references.  

The skill level for the Rosy Peonies painting tutorial is intermediate to advance for acrylic painters.  The length of the video/tutorial is 1.6 hours, and the finished size of the painting is 12 x 12 inches. Supplies are not included in this video tutorial.