About the Artist

A little about me.  

Hi, I'm Debbie Hipp, a retired middle school art teacher, crafter, quilter, painter, gardener and the best aunt ever. I love creating and sharing my creations with others. Flowers are my favorite subject because they make people happy and brighten any living space.  My florals have an impressionistic style where the element of color is the major focus.  I love the vibrancy of acrylics and how the medium allows the layers of translucent and opaque colors to create depth and light.    

Earlier in my career, I enjoyed painting portraits and florals in watercolor. Commissioned pieces supplemented my teacher salary for several years.  However, when I turned 40 years old, my hands started shaking and I was diagnosed by a neurologist with Essential Tremors.  Painting the detailed watercolors became more difficult. I didn't let that stop me though and switched to acrylics where my mistakes could easily be fixed when my hand would suddenly jerk and make a mark where I didn't want it.  However, the shakiness has been beneficial in that it does allow me to create more expressive marks with the brush because the swipes of color has to be quicker and shorter.  Laboring on super detailed sections on the canvas is too intensive and also can be very boring! Painting relaxes me and helps the tremors somewhat and I just cannot stop creating!  

My paintings are forever gardens for your home decor, so please enjoy looking around here and I'd appreciate it so much if you add a piece or two for yourself or a loved one.  Art is truly a gift of love because it is made by hand and there is no other piece in the world like it!

If you are an artist yourself and would like to learn more about my techniques and processes, come along and paint with me.  I have free lessons on Youtube and more detailed floral painting classes available in the Tutorials section above. 

Thanks so much,


The Canvas Garden Studio Debbie Hipp