Same Subject Series

Have you ever painted multiples of the same subject?  Around this time of year, the daffodils are blooming and the first sign of spring always motivates me to paint their pretty faces. I’ve done several versions of them with each one being uniquely different from the previous one.  For this week’s tip, I’d like to share some benefits of painting the same subject multiple times.  

Deepening Understanding: Painting the same subject multiple times helps us develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.  We will often explore the different angles of the flower, the color variations and play around with compositions in our paintings. 

Mastery of Techniques: Repeating the same subject helps us refine our technical skills. We can experiment with different brushstrokes, color mixing, and texture application, honing our techniques and achieving mastery in acrylic painting.

Interpretation and Expression: It allows us to explore various interpretations and expressions. We can experiment with different styles, color palettes, and artistic approaches, resulting in a more diverse and dynamic body of work.

Creative Problem Solving: Each time we paint the subject, there are new challenges and opportunities for problem-solving. By experimenting with different approaches to the subject, we develop creative solutions that will help us become better artists

Evolution of Style: Through repetition, we can look back and see how we have changed in our painting techniques such as the use of color choices, brushwork and composition. And over time, this will lead to personal growth and the development of a unique artistic voice.

Building a Series: Painting the same subject multiple times can contribute to the creation of a series of artworks or collections.  By doing this, we could tell a series of stories in the works, evoke certain emotions or explore a theme in more depth. 

Artistic Growth and Self-Reflection: We can also, reflect on our progress and growth by comparing each version.  We can see our strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement which will help us become a better artist.

I hope you’ll have a chance to paint multiples of the same subject in a series of works because it’s so interesting to look back and see how you have used your creative energy in such different ways.  

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