A Couple of Color Mixing & Color Harmony Resources

Here are a couple of questions from acrylic painters who struggle with color:

“I get so frustrated when color mixing and it doesn’t turn out what’s in my mind’s eye.  How am I ever going to get it right without wasting paint?” “Is there an existing resource somewhere for how to mix specific paint colors?” “How do I know what color’s work best with each other?”

Can you relate?  I sometimes have these same issues even after painting for years and years.  Here are some tips that have helped me:

COLOR MIXING KNOW-HOW:  If you want a great resources for helping you mix the color you want, here is a wonderful book:

Color Mixing Recipes for Oil & Acrylic:  Mixing recipes for more than 450 color combinations.

COLOR HARMONY:  How do you know what colors work best with each other and create harmony?

Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook are my go-to resource when looking for color scheme ideas.  As you scroll through your favorite accounts, look at other artist’s works and see how they approach color.  What flower color combinations do they include and what background color?  For example, if I wanted to show mostly red flowers, what color did the artist use for the highlight and shadow area? Were the highlights pinkish or peach?  Were the shadows burgundy, rust or purple tone.  What color did they use for their background to make the flowers “pop”? 

Magazines:  As you are scanning the magazine pages of let’s say, Southern Living or Real Simple, look at the overall color palette of an ad or a cover sheet.  These photographers are experts with design and color in order to help entice the eye and draw you in.  I love looking at all kinds of magazines for all kinds of reasons but with an artist eye, I pay attention to the color scheme as well.  So as you are waiting in the grocery store aisle, look at the magazines displayed there and go beyond the headlines and check out the color schemes these designers have created.  

Fabric:  My mother is an avid quilter and I’ve quilted as well but not as much as she has.  I absolutely love heading to the quilt store and looking at the beautiful patterns and colors of the fabrics and displays.  Fabric patterns are great resources for color combination ideas.  Even your favorite blouse or your favorite home accessory are great resources for color inspiration.  

I hope these tips have been helpful in finding color inspiration for you.  Thanks for being here!