How to decide what to paint?

How do I decide what to paint? 

It's complicated. I never know and don't have a plan. I usually look through my phone where I have a collection of photos of the flowers around my house and some amazing photos from the website Paint My Photos (  I also look at other artist's work like Nancy Medina, C. Brooke Ring and Amanda Evanston.  Their fresh look on colors, textures and composition inspire me. Pinterest is my favorite go-to for flower inspirations as well.  Then I pick a photo and just go from there.  I never know how it's going to turn out.  Here are some photos of my process of this week's painting "Camden Maine Garden Path".  Two summers ago, my childhood friend and I met up in Camden, Maine.  We toured one little garden center and I took this picture of a cute garden shed with the garden surrounding it.  I just knew that I wanted to paint it someday.  

 Camden, Maine Garden Path, acrylic on canvas 6"x6"